Meet Joyeeta Das, who joins UKI2S as an Advisory Board Member.

She brings a wealth of knowledge from across the globe, having worked internationally with businesses across the UK, Germany, India, and America.

Jump-starting her career at Cisco, Joyeeta has springboarded into founding several of her own companies, utilising technology and data science to create accessible and sustainable solutions.

In 2018, Joyeeta founded and later sold SuperPitch – an organisation designed to empower women, supporting them to secure the funding needed to grow their business. She continues to be a vital part of promoting equal opportunity as an ambassador for women in innovation as a part of Innovation UK.

Currently, Joyeeta acts as the CEO & Co-Founder of Samundra Oceans, creating technology capable of sustainably and responsibly harvesting seaweed whilst promoting biodiversity and helping coastal communities. She is also a board member for Data Friendly Space and an Advisor for artificial intelligence and data analytics with Maroon Invest Global.

Her extensive experience is an asset to the team and we are delighted to have her.