UKI2S invests in the most high-impact innovations

Are you eligible for UKI2S funding?

To receive UKI2S funding you must fulfil one of the following:

• Either you are based at one of our research campuses,
• Or you are working in a strategic priority area,
• Or your innovation is based on intellectual property (IP) associated with one of our partners.

The infographic below explains our criteria in more detail. If you qualify, please pitch for investment by completing the form below.

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Find out if you are suitable for UKI2S funding and read the full list of research centres, partners and strategic priorities.


Your innovation is based on intellectual property (IP) associated with one of our partners or you are working with them under a competitive contract:

  • UKRI
  • dstl - the science inside
  • UK Atomic Energy Authority
  • Animal & Plant Health Agency
  • NPL
  • Catapult
  • The James Hutton Institute
  • UK Health Security Agency
  • Government Office for Technology Transfer

This includes public sector research establishments (PSREs), such as the Babraham Institute or the Daresbury Laboratory, Government departments, non-departmental public sector organisations such as Met Office, GCHQ and the Environment Agency and the Catapult Centres.

Strategic Priorities

Your innovation has its origins or application in one of the following sectors of strategic importance to the UK:

  • Fusion energy

  • Defence & Security

  • Engineering Biology