UKI2S Invests in the Most High-Impact Innovations

Focus Areas

We invest in innovations emerging from the UK’s publicly funded science and knowledge base. We specialise in engineering biology, defence & security, fusion energy, to facilitate sustainable growth, enhance the health and security of society, improve productivity, and deliver economic gains emerging from UK’s public funding portfolio.

Our investment decisions are based on both the potential societal impact of technologies and the potential for financial return.

  • Engineering Biology

    Synthetic biology, or engineering biology, is the design and construction of entirely novel biological systems, or the re-engineering…

  • Defence & Security

    The UK’s future security and resilience will be in part defined by our ability to harness and adapt…

  • Fusion

    Fusion could be the ultimate clean power solution, representing a low carbon, safe, continuous, and effectively unlimited source…

  • Knowledge Assets

    By identifying and investing in the knowledge assets of the public sector  – giving them the attention and…

We invest in all types of deeptech based at our partner campuses

We help researchers from partner campuses, research centres, and the Catapult Centres accelerate their concepts into commercial opportunities that solve global problems.

When do we invest?

We invest in innovations emerging from the UK’s publicly funded science and knowledge base at pre-seed and seed stages. We continue to leverage private capital by backing the best companies at Series A and B.. Join our portfolio.

We invest early with a patient outlook.

We support our companies with more than money into our successful portfolio companies.

  • Providing mentoring support and nurturing commercial expertise to hone their propositions

  • Introducing later stage investors through our wider global FPC network of capital

  • Recruiting the right management teams


UK Innovation Science and Seed Fund’s ESG Commitment

Learn more about our Pledge to Responsible Investing and Positive Impact here…

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