Welcome to the UK Innovation Science and Seed Fund's ESG Commitment

ESG Commitment

Our Pledge to Responsible Investing and Positive Impact

At the UK Innovation Science and Seed Fund (UKI2S), we’re dedicated to making a difference. We proudly embrace the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, shaping the way we invest and drive positive change.

Our approach focuses on six core principles:

  • Integrating ESG Excellence: We weave environmental, social, and governance considerations into our investment choices, ensuring a holistic impact.

  • Active Ownership: We actively engage with ESG issues in our ownership policies, fostering better practices within the companies we invest in.

  • Transparency and Accountability: We champion transparency by urging the disclosure of ESG matters among our invested entities.

  • Industry Advocacy: We’re committed to spreading the Principles’ acceptance across the investment landscape, catalyzing industry-wide progress.

  • Collaboration for Impact: By collaborating, we amplify our impact, sharing insights and strategies to uphold the Principles.

  • Measurable Progress: We believe in transparent reporting and will share our journey toward the Principles’ implementation by 2025.

Our ESG Approach

ESG isn’t just a buzzword – it’s the heart of our mission.
We’ve distilled ESG into three pillars:

  • Environmental Responsibility:
    We’re reducing our carbon footprint across the board, from direct emissions to supply chain impacts. Our pledge extends from emissions measurement to proactive reduction strategies.

  • Social Inclusivity:
    Diversity drives innovation. We’re committed to diverse and inclusive practices throughout our ecosystem, from our team to the companies we support.

  • Strong Governance:
    We adhere to the highest standards of legality, ethics, and governance. Our comprehensive oversight is backed by our dedicated boards and ethical practices.

Embedding ESG in Our Investment Journey

Our commitment goes beyond words;
it’s in our actions:

  • Smart Sourcing: Our investment pipeline champions diversity and accessibility, ensuring our funnel is open to all while actively encouraging diversity.
  • Thoughtful Due Diligence: ESG isn’t an afterthought – it’s woven into our evaluation process. We assess founders’ attitudes, anticipate impacts, and document our findings.
  • Portfolio Support: Our commitment continues post-investment. We guide our portfolio companies on ESG journeys, fostering growth while addressing key issues.
  • Inclusive Funding: Follow-on funding isn’t just about financials – it’s about holistic impact. ESG and positive change are core considerations in our decision-making.
  • Exit Strategy: Even in exit, ESG matters. We consider responsible partners and timing, ensuring positive impacts endure beyond our investment.

Our ESG Pledge for Ourselves

ESG isn’t just for others; it’s a principle we live by:

  • Internal ESG Leadership: Our internal ESG Steering Committee ensures our commitment is ingrained in every decision we make.

  • Diverse and Inclusive Team: Our team mirrors our values – diverse, inclusive, and innovative.

  • Governance Excellence: Our decisions are guided by governance principles, ensuring accountability and ethical conduct.

Our Net-Zero Vision

By 2030, we're striving for net-zero emissions. We've assessed our emissions and committed to reducing them, purchasing carbon removals to balance any remaining impact.

Together, we're shaping a future where investments are not just about returns but also about the world we create for the next generation.