Dr Peter Hamley is an Advisory Board Member for UKI2S.

Peter has a long history in the BioTech Industry, having started his career at AstraZeneca after graduating from his postdoctoral studies at the University of Pennsylvania and his PhD from Cambridge University. He also obtained his MBA from the University of Bath.

Having spent over a decade at Sanofi, aiding in global drug discovery across leadership and development roles – Peter’s experience is unparalleled, pushing advancements across many therapeutic areas throughout his time in the organisation.

Currently, Peter is CSO of Samsara Therapeutics, leading the biotech industry in autophagy therapeutics – vital in helping prevent disease caused by neurodegeneration.

His unique blend of expertise has resulted in a fantastic repertoire of more than 60 patents, papers and book chapters published under his name.

Peter’s wealth of knowledge and experience is a vibrant asset to UKI2S, enabling enhanced decision making during investment into life-changing organisations within the biotech and life sciences sectors.