CellCentric raises $26m for new late-state prostate cancer drug

UKI2S biotech company CellCentric, University of Cambridge spinout, has raised $26m to fund clinical testing of its first-in-class oncology drug candidate, CCS1477.

CellCentric focuses on treating prostate cancer, as well as multiple other cancers. Their new drug candidate addresses the large and increasing population of patients – upwards of 80,000 people each year — who have tumours with inherent or acquired resistance to second generation anti-hormonal drugs.

“There is a large and growing population of late-stage prostate cancer patients who have inherent or acquired resistance to current second-line anti-androgen therapies,” commented Dr Will West, Chairman and CEO of CellCentric. “CCS1477 has shown promise in addressing this. It is positioned after or in combination with second generation anti-androgen drugs such as abiraterone, enzalutamide and apalutamide.”

We congratulate CellCentric on their advancement to treat cancer and save lives.