Making Impact in Areas of Real Value to Society

Engineering Biology

Synthetic biology is the design and construction of entirely novel biological systems, or the re-engineering of existing biological systems. It offers exciting opportunities for advanced products that transform agricultural, food, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

Synthetic biology can be applied across a wide variety of markets and has the potential to solve many of the environmental and societal challenges such as environmental health, energy shortages, pollution, hunger, and disease.


Defence & Security

Innovation can help ensure the security of our citizens and businesses, and give the defence and security services the tools they need to stay ahead of adversaries amid an increasingly complex and dynamic threat environment.

UKI2S has a dedicated portfolio to back early-stage companies which can positively impact defence and security. This sector might be the first beachhead market but the product or service will also have clear use cases outside defence and security.



Fusion could be the ultimate clean power solution, representing a low carbon, safe, continuous, and effectively unlimited source of energy. UKI2S backs companies which are part of the fusion technology cluster.

By attracting further investment into the sector and related technologies, we help develop the supply chain and skills to deliver clean energy worldwide. The pursuit of fusion also leads to spin-off opportunities in areas such as materials, robotics and artificial intelligence.


Knowledge Assets

By identifying and investing in the knowledge assets of the public sector, they can be used in new ways in different organisations to boost productivity and improve the quality of life in the UK.

UKI2S works closely with the Government Office for Technology Transfer to provide investment capital to exploit the UK’s public sector knowledge assets, such as intellectual property, innovation, data, know-how and business processes, primarily through the creation of spinout companies.


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