Drive innovation and economic growth by developing groundbreaking space-based technology.

Supporting early-stage companies is vital to ensuring the continued growth of the space industry. Whether that’s through downstream applications, in-orbit servicing and manufacturing or spacecraft technologies…


If you can dream it, we can fund it.

  • We invest £100k to £500k in pre-seed and seed+ companies who can deliver substantial benefits for humanity, from space.
  • Supported by a diverse ecosystem, we’re all about nurturing collaborative opportunities to maximise the impact of the Space Portfolio.
  • With technical expertise at our fingertips, access to rigorous impact evaluations and strong accountability, we’re committed to helping startups achieve tangible, impactful outcomes. We’re here for the celestial dreamers – we’re here for you.
Who do we back?

We back all relevant space sector domains that feed into the delivery of the National Space Strategy and the Space Industrial Plan.

For example: application-enabling spacecraft technologies and manufacturing, in-orbit spacecraft services and sustainability businesses, and downstream satellite services and applications.

We will also explore opportunities with companies that have received, or are due to receive, funding and/or support, from existing UKSA National programmes, as well as UK companies supported through European Space Agency initiatives. These programmes include:

National Space Innovation Programme Kick-Starter
UK Space Agency Accelerator (LEO and GEO) and Fusion Connect with Capital

Business Applications and Space Solutions
ESA Business Incubation Centre
And more!

Why are investors excited about Space?

Economic potential

We must capitalise on this billion dollar industry, to help drive the UK’s thriving economy of the future.

Global Market

The space sector has a competitive global market, with products and services in multiple verticals, from manufacturing and communications to sustainability and research.

Impact-led Solutions

The new era of ‘space for humanity’ has come – investors are interested in impact-led solutions which will solve genuine problems, whilst generating strong revenue.

Introducing the Space Portfolio

“UK Space Agency and UKI2S, managed by Future Planet Capital, announce £8 million funding for early-stage businesses, to address the critical funding gap faced by early-stage space companies at pre-seed and seed stage…”

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Space Video

Shruti Iyengar, Investment Lead for the Space Portfolio, said:

“It’s an incredible opportunity to develop the UK’s thriving space industry. We can support the very best space entrepreneurs this country has to offer, by taking their early-stage ideas through the critical stages of growth, to deliver globally impactful innovations. Having nurtured startups from pre-seed to exit over the years, the team is ready to get started on this exciting journey!”

Our Impact

As an impact-first organisation, we make sure our measurable outputs do the talking for us.

Co-investment into our portfolio
Companies we’re invested in
Of total portfolio invested in R&D
Jobs created with £ 50k+ salaries

Calling All Space Entrepreneurs

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