Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology or engineering biology is the design and construction of entirely novel biological systems, or the re-engineering of existing biological systems.

Synthetic biology can be applied across a wide variety of markets and has the potential to solve many of the environmental and societal challenges of this century. Major global issues with sustainability including environmental health, energy shortages, pollution, hunger and disease are all being addressed now by synthetic biology.

The UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund received £10M investment from BBSRC to support the commercialisation of synthetic biology technologies in response to the Synthetic Biology Roadmap which sets out plans to harness opportunities in the field of synthetic biology.

It offers exciting opportunities for new products to transform agricultural, food, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

The cutting-edge discipline of synthetic biology has been named by UK Government as one of “Eight Great Technologies” that support UK science strengths and business capabilities and in which Britain could be a world leader.



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