HALO’s novel X-ray diffraction technology will strengthen global security.

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HALO X-ray Technologies

HALO X-ray Technologies Ltd has proven its X-ray diffraction technology (XRD) has the potential to enhance security, improve passenger facilitation, increase throughput, and reduce airport operational costs.

Typical X-ray systems used in the aviation security market can detect threats found inside passenger baggage.

Newer CT X-ray approaches are better at detecting current threats but at false alarm rates that continue to delay passengers and add unnecessary cost to airport operations.

New capability is needed to maintain detection rates while significantly lowering false alarm rates. Enter: HALO X-ray Technologies.

As the only supplier of commercially viable XRD technology for the aviation security checkpoint, the HALO solution is unique and provides truly complementary enhancement to standard X-ray systems, including the newest CT type systems currently being deployed at UK checkpoints.

HALO X-ray Technologies

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HALO’s XRD technology has the potential to change the face of global security and defence, by offering safer, faster, and lower cost passenger checkpoints. This new capability will also impact international customs and border screening operations and better facilitate the interdiction of illicit materials.

UKI2S is delighted to back HALO X-ray and its disruptive technology, which raises detection capability for the industry while maintaining airport operations at commercially viable levels and facilitating the passenger.

Although focused on airport security, HALO technology presents multiple use cases, for example in medical systems, process control and developing more effective interdiction of illicit substances.

HALO technology has huge potential, so UKI2S is excited to support them through its next stages of critical growth.

UKI2S has invested £500,000 in HALO X-ray, alongside providing strategic support and helping to build the team at board level.

  • £500k in investment

Simon Godber, HALO X-ray Technologies Chief Executive Officer:

“We are delighted to have the support of UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund as we prepare to scale our mission to deliver critical novel screening capabilities across aviation security. We are looking forward to leveraging their strong network of global experts who will take our commercial offering to the next level.”