The Electrospinning Company

The Electrospinning Company is a nanofibre innovation and development company that uses the electrospinning process to manufacture nanofibre structures and scaffolds for the biotech industry, and in particular the rapidly emerging stem cell therapy sector. Stem cells require optimum growing conditions both in labs and in humans and, uniquely, the Electrospinning Company is able to offer its customers both a better scaffold for laboratory use in the discovery phase of new stem cell therapies and also a route to then getting those therapies into patients by partnering with customers to develop specialized implantable nanofibre devices.

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Associated Fund UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund

Sector Medical / Biotechnology


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Expansion of facilities

The Electrospinning Company is fitting out a new facility in the brand new Zephyr building...

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IKC/Regener8 – Leeds, UK – 29th June

Rob McKean will attend IKC & Regener8 Annual Conference 2018 Date: June 29, 2018 @...

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A new era in Regenerative Medicine: accelerating research from bench...

TECL’s CEO Ann Kramer will be speaking at this year’s Innovation Forum event on...

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Melt electrospinning arrives at The Electrospinning Company

Part of the BONE project, The Electrospinning Company will be playing a crucial role...

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Quality ISO 13485:2016 recertification

Update to ISO 13485:2016 standard and re-certification. The Electrospinning Company achieved ISO 13485:2003 certification in 2015...

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Electrospinning for drug delivery – London – 18th April 2018

The UK-China Mini-Symposium on Electrospinning for Drug Delivery will bring together researchers from both...

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