Qdot is a spin out from Oxford University’s Thermofluids Institute and is based at Harwell. The company was formed in 2019 to exploit the know how developed during research on cooling systems for fusion energy devices. Since these operate at heat loads in excess of 10 MW/m2 (over 100,000 midday suns on the back of the neck) it seemed likely that using the same techniques could solve heat management problems elsewhere.

The company is using the early funding from UKI2S and grants from Innovate UK and the Faraday Institution to develop a cooling package for automotive batteries that could solve the problem of overheating during rapid charging and open the way for 10 minute recharges, similar to current conventional refuelling stops and so allowing car manufacturers to reduce the size and cost of battery packs. The same approach looks promising for the emerging electric aircraft sector. And, of course, there is also considerable work to be done in nuclear fusion, where it all started.

Read more about Qdot in The Times.

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