Luffy AI

Luffy AI is a spin-out from UKAEA and is based at UKAEA’s Culham Science Centre. The company was founded to develop novel AI technologies capable of exhibiting neuroplasticity (which roughly translates as the ability to modulate the computational process, ie machine behaviour, in real time). This contrasts with most machine learning that relies on huge computational power to crunch through millions of possible scenarios and outcomes. This offers huge potential in areas where mainstream AI techniques have struggled due to uncertainty and variance in the environment, including performance variability and drift in machinery. The software architecture means that power and processing capacity requirements are substantially reduced, and that internet connectivity is not always needed, opening up areas that current AI techniques struggle to address. Initial targets include process controls in manufacturing, robotic control systems, improved stabilisation and controls for drones and RUV (ie subsea drones), and possibly flow optimisation.

Associated Team Members