UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund Campus Partners

The national science and innovation campuses act as important national focal points for science-based collaboration and knowledge exchange with industry and academia. Our partners aim to deliver strong engagement and build a thriving and interactive community of world-leading scientists, technologists and innovators. The campuses enable access to cutting-edge facilities and core scientific and technological strengths and provide an avenue to develop new capabilities and ways of working.

UKI2S is partnered with four campuses:

  • Babraham in Cambridge: The Babraham Research Campus is one of the leading centres for bioscience innovation in the UK providing around 70,000 square-foot lab space in its Bioincubator Buildings, at the heart of the Cambridge biomedical cluster.
  • Harwell in Oxford: Harwell Oxford provides a unique opportunity to access world-class scientific facilities and leading-edge research. More than 4,500 people are part of this vibrant community, working in some 150 organisations including key UK Research Councils, start-ups and multi-national organisations focussing on a range of commercial applications including healthcare, medical devices, space, detector systems, computing, green enterprise and new materials.
  • Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus near Warrington: Sci-Tech Daresbury is internationally recognised through the reputation of the STFC Daresbury Laboratory and Cockcroft Institute in leading-edge research and development, and the successful establishment of its open innovation model.  Currently there are more than 400 scientists working in a variety of scientific fields including accelerator science, high-performance computing, and sensors and detectors. It operates large-scale facilities used by many UK universities, as well as an increasing number of industrial companies and is home to over 100 high-tech companies in areas such as advanced engineering, digital/ICT, biomedical and energy and environmental technologies.
  • The Norwich Research Park: Innovation-led businesses in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Food, Nutrition/health, Ag-Biotech/crop breeding, Medical technologies and diagnostics Clean-tech/low carbon energy, Information and Computing Technologies.

Examples of UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund’s campus investments include Cytox, Perfectus Biomed and Eagle Genomics.