Medical & Biotechnology

Biotechnology harnesses and improves upon naturally occurring biological processes enabling technology that improves lives. Whether it be curing and preventing infectious diseases, diagnosing illness, improving survival of life-threatening conditions or creating personalised medical treatments for cancer and other conditions.

More recently, accurate genome editing is allowing the development of novel gene therapies and highly targeted treatment for oncology. The development of new medical technology, from diagnostic devices to medical instruments, is revolutionising how patients are treated and helping to optimise our healthcare system.

The UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund (UKI2S) has backed companies working across almost every aspect of healthcare and has a particular interest in companies using “synthetic” (also known as “engineering”) biology to develop novel medicines, diagnostics and associated technologies.

UKI2S has an excellent track record in providing seed funding to medtechs and biotechs and supporting companies as they head from startup to scale-up and complete further funding rounds. Our portfolio includes therapeutic companies such as Ikarovec, developing gene therapy for eye diseases, Gyreox which is developing medicines able to penetrate and target individual cells; diagnostic companies such as AgPlus and Linear Diagnostic which have platforms offering very rapid diagnosis times; and associated tools companies such as Atelerix which is removing cold chain logistical challenges for cell based therapies, Microfluidx which is developing automated bioreactors to lower the cost of immunoncology, and Pencil which is developing genome editing tools.