Agriculture & Food Technology

It is estimated that the global population will increase by around 35% in the next 30 years, exceeding 9 billion by 2050. This creates enormous challenges when it comes to food production and delivery to consumers. Currently, agriculture alone is responsible for a third of the world’s carbon emissions, and the food supply chain as a whole contributes significantly to pollution, global warming and climate change.

Innovative new technologies are needed in order to meet global demand for healthy sustainable food whilst mitigating this environmental impact. Creating such technologies is a cross-disciplinary effort, spanning biotechnology, software development, engineering, environmental science and more.

In 2013 the UK government set out a £160 million agricultural technology strategy, aiming to make the UK an agritech world leader, contributing to global food security and international development.

The UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund is committed to backing high growth potential companies tackling this challenge, by providing funding and support to start-ups working across the agriculture and food technology industries. Our portfolio includes companies across the supply chain, including Tropic Biosciences, a start-up developing new varieties of commercial crops using CRISPR genome editing, and The Smarter Food Company which is developing foods for better health, including the control of blood sugar.