Investment Focus


Investing In Great Science To Answer Unmet Commercial Needs

We get excited about great science, especially if you can articulate how it might solve unmet needs. If the technology will solve real world problems, we are prepared to invest early and bring a research based idea into commercial fruition.


Building & Growing Sustainable Businesses

We don’t require revenues or a team which have run and exited businesses before we invest. We’re prepared to get involved early, building an experienced team, developing market focus and figuring out a business model. We want to identify the best and most talented founders from diverse backgrounds and support them to succeed.

We like to be actively involved on the board of our companies.  We can help define the right strategic approach for growth, facilitate the introduction of high calibre resources to make the business go faster and raise the additional finance needed to get to market and grow.

Our investment managers and members of our high powered Spectrum Advisory Board assist in fine-tuning business and investment plans and in establishing appropriate milestones for businesses as part of investment rounds.



Further Information

We do have a set of criteria that must be met in order to receive investment.  Please see our  FAQ section to assist with any queries.

If you think you could meet the criteria, we would be happy to have a discussion with you. Please contact us.

You can read more about our partners, the campuses we associate with and our role in supporting the development of synthetic biology technologies.


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