Wider Benefits

The UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund’s impact is not simply in economic terms such as jobs and Gross Value Add (GVA), important though these are. The underlying technologies in our portfolio have the potential to transform lives through improved health, a cleaner environment and a more secure society in future generations. For example:


    • Health and Healthcare: Over 50% of the portfolio companies are developing novel healthcare solutions including areas of major importance for the UK’s future such as early diagnostics for Alzheimer’s, improved cancer treatments and potential breakthroughs in treatment for antibiotic resistance.


    • Environment: The Fund has investments in companies which are helping the UK transition to a low carbon economy. The Fund was the first investor in the UK’s first privately funded venture to tackle the hugely ambitious target of creating energy from nuclear fusion. Other investments include instrumentation that could significantly improve the efficiency of power generation turbines and other industrial processes, saving considerable volumes of harmful emissions.


    • Security and Defence: Improving airport security and materials as demonstrated in the Cobalt case study is only one example of a portfolio company’s technology in this area.


    • People Development: UKI2S acts as a bridge between public sector research and private finance. It helps develop the skills and networks of individuals and organisations necessary to harness the potential of research.


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