Economic Impact


UKI2S has had considerable success in fulfilling its dual mandate and is recognised as one of the leading early stage technology investors in the UK in terms of both financial and economic performance. An independent evaluation[1] has concluded that the Fund “demonstrated the highest level of additionality we have yet seen”.

The key data at the end of 2017 is:

Additional GVA per £1 invested: £ 6.60

Subsequent private sector co-investment :£326m

Additional high value tech jobs created :319

Value of portfolio:1.5 x cost


These numbers are particularly impressive since most portfolio companies are still in the early stages of their development (average age ± 6 years). The bulk of the economic value comes as companies scale up in later years; figures for GVA contribution, jobs, exports and co-investment have all been increasing at over 20% p.a. in recent years and are expected to continue to do so.

The level of co-investment is particularly high– the figure of £326m represents a multiple of over 25 times the investment by UKI2S, much of it being inward investment from both corporate and financial investors

Current as at: 4th May 2018

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