HSBC Enterprise Fund

HSBC Enterprise Fund

The HSBC Enterprise Fund was established in July 1997 by the merger of separate HSBC sponsored funds for the East and West Midlands to create a £6.4m fund.

The Fund, which was able to make initial investments of up to £250,000, is now closed. The Fund supported 39 businesses across a wide range of sectors and stages, including start-ups and management buy-outs.

The Fund, which has achieved particular success in software and manufacturing, has delivered a return on investment of 17% since the current Midven management team has been involved in its operation. Generating these return levels over such a long period demonstrates that our approach of working closely with companies delivers long-term growth and value. Note: average returns from funds categorised as ‘venture’ in the period 1996 to 2010 were -0.3% (source: BVCA).

The Fund was created with funding from HSBC, The European Investment Fund, now defunct Training Enterprise Councils and private individuals.

Fund Facts

Fund Amount 6.4m

39 Investments

17% Return on Investment