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CHAIN Biotechnology Ltd was founded by Dr Edward Green in 2014 to develop new Clostridium-based microbial technology for high value healthcare products. CHAIN produces novel live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) for chronic gut-related diseases, such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

At the heart of CHAIN’s unique therapeutic platform is a suite of underpinning technologies including a Clostridia culture collection, a proprietary set of plasmid vectors, synthetic biology tools for advanced metabolic engineering, and an advanced in-vivo delivery mechanism using Clostridium.

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Associated Fund UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund

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CHAIN Features in Engineering Biology Explained

CHAIN features in a new explainer document on engineering biology from the UK Bioindustry...

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CHAIN at Microbiome Conferences in June

CHAIN Chief Executive Dr Edward Green will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Microbiome...

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CHAIN to Explore Manufacturing of Novel Medicines

UK biotech to manufacture novel medicines for Inflammatory Bowel Disease using spores of gut...

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CHAIN Awarded Two Grants to Develop High-Value Products

CHAIN has been awarded £0.5M grant funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation agency,...

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CHAIN at Microbiome & Biotech Conferences in 2018

CHAIN plans to attend a record number of microbiome and biotech conferences over the...

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CHAIN’s Website Redesign & Online Store

CHAIN are excited to announce the launch of our re-designed website. The new look...

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